Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bistro Blanc Opening Chef's Table & Private Dining, Plus Mirocjo News And Hot Dog Stand

The "cellar" room at Bistro Blanc
One bit of news for local diners -- Bistro Blanc in Glenelg is opening a new "cellar" room next week for private dining and a chef table looking into the kitchen.

This is a standard these days in city restaurants.  But I don't know another "chef table" in Howard County (although I admit that most of my meals aren't spent in high-end places).  Rajneesh emailed me about the new space, which they have renovated and will soon outfit with a custom chef table.

(Update:  See Mary's comment below.  Aida Bistro has a chef table for two to four, and that would be a great place to eat as well.)

The new space is on the same level as the main dining room, but renovated out like a stone cellar.  Rajneesh says they will be able to accomodate 18 for private dining and eight for the chef table looking into the kitchen.  We actually chose Bistro Blanc for my birthday, and I'm months late to write an update post.

(The open kitchen made me remember again Marc Maron's great interview with Anthony Bourdain and the snippet where Bourdain talked about missing the days of closed kitchen when he could scratch himself anywhere without diners watching.  If you like podcasts, check out Maron's adult interviews of comedians and other entertainers -- 50 free on iTunes and 150+ more through his app.)

Others news, questions and comments from the past week:
  • Does anyone know about an ice cream shop / hot dog cart opening in downtown Ellicott City, asked s5.
  • What about tamales?  Ted emailed me asking if I knew anywhere to buy tamales.  He remembers a Columbia Flier article about a local woman who makes thousands of tamales at the holiday season.  Ted wants tamales.
  • And what about Nora's Kabob?  Kevin emailed to say he has seen a sign on the shopping center on Rte 40.  But he couldn't find the restaurant.
  • There will be a new restaurant in Gateway Plaza in Columbia called Rudy's Mediterranean Grill, reports Junior Barnes.  He said last week that it looked like it might be opening soon.
  • Egg crepe at Wong Gee in Wheaton
  • Several folks posted about the Frostberry frozen yogurt place on Rte 40 in Ellicott City, including Brian in EC.  Unclear if it is actually open.  This is the spot that used to be called Iceberry.  Kmmalloyzz said the manager said last fall that the name changed because of their bubble tea recipes.
  • Min emailed me that Micocjo in Ellicott City was renovated this fall and recently reopened.  That was  Korean restaurant with a generalist / barbecue menu.  Has anyone been to the new place?  Min went outside HoCo for her recommendation -- egg crepes with durian cream on the Sunday dim sum menu at Wong Gee in Wheaton. Another place I need to try.


BobM said...

For Ted, who's searching for tamales, try some of the Latino markets in the area. Several sell freshly made tamales. There is one off Rt 198 in Laurel (buried back by Gold's Gym) that sells them starting early in the morning (admittedly, I haven't been there in some months, so my information may be dated).

Mary said...

Aida Bistro has a chef's table that will seat 2 to 4. We tried it for my husband's birthday. They really try to make you feel welcome and make sure you enjoy your meal. The menu is 8 courses, plus dessert, chosen by the chef. It's $130 with the paired wines, so it's not cheap, but if you can afford it, it's a great special occasion treat for a foodie.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand restaurants who spends tons and tons of money on renovations but then gives crappy service when you get there. Yelp reviews says it all.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people like you don't find better things to do other than perching yourself in your make believe ivory tower and cast down your worthless negative opinions. Try reading a book, going outside, actually meet someone, anything other than filling the world, let alone these sites, with your unwanted, unsolicited negativity. Sorry for being so blunt.