Friday, December 30, 2011

Cooks 'N Cakes Wants Feedback; People Share About Cupcakes, Caterers and Shrimp Heads

The comments here are always a way for you to give people your opinion about local restaurants and markets.  The new Cooks 'N Cakes bakery in Ellicott City even solicited more -- posting their email and asking people for feedback, especially from folks who weren't charmed at first bite:
As a new store, we want to make sure our customers are pleased with our products. We would love it if those of you that thought it was dry would expand on it a little for us. We tend to get comments that the cupcakes are good, moist, but not dry and want to know what makes them dry to you.
It's very nice to hear from the professionals.  I always appreciate owners, waiters, chefs, etc. to chime into the comments.  I'd appreciate if you would disclose your connection if you're talking about your own place.

But the amateurs have been commenting as well.  My big concern is Bmorecupcake's report that Red Pearl said the dan dan noodles only came with meat.  I know we ate them with vegetarians.  It certainly tasted like a chopped fermented vegetables on top.  I'm still checking that out.  And there was more advice in the comments:

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