Friday, December 9, 2011

Hunan Manor Has A NEW Chinese Menu

Hunan Manor in Columbia appears to have a new menu in Chinese -- this time a page on their Web site that Kiran brought to my attention.

Two years ago, I had a great time when Wai translated Hunan Legend's Chinese menu into English.  People got a chance to try authentic dishes that the restaurant owners didn't seem to recognize would interest some slice of the non-Chinese crowd.

Hunan Manor had a Chinese menu, but they translated it.  Now Kiran found a different document on the Hunan Manor Web site.  Neither of us can read Chinese, but it looks like a menu.  There might be some cool adventures on the page.

Is this a menu?  Has anyone ordered off it?  Any recommendations?  Any help translating a line or the page?  For Hunan Taste, Wai printed the menu and then hand-wrote English translations.  She sent me a scan.  Even that simple work was invaluable.  Post comments below or email translations HowChowBlog at Gmail.

(Update:  See below that Anonymous has read the menu and says it is a new font, but no new dishes.  He or she provided a list of the dishes.)

For now, you can find the new Chinese menu on the Hunan Manor Web site.  I also imbedded a larger JPG version after the jump.

This comes from the Hunan Manor Web page.  Is it a menu?  Have you ordered off it?   Any recommendations?  Any help translating a line or the page?


Anonymous said...

It's a menu. But there are no new dishes. Just a different font.

Anonymous said...

Left hand side:
Fuyo ("Hunan Manor's Chinese name") Specialties
1. Fuyo stir fry
2. Fish casserole
3. Tea wrapped chicken
4. Sweet eggplant
5. Fried fish balls
6. Pig intestine with lily flower
7. Chinese chives with squid
8. Squid noodles

Right-hand side
Chef's suggestions
1. Five-flavored duck
2. Hakka salt water chicken
3. Chicken soup with vegetables
4. Friend young chicken
5. Spicy saliva chicken (cold)
6. Conch stir fried with lily flower
7. Stir fried shrimp balls
8. Stir fried clams
9. Fried frice
10. Bamboo and beef casserole
11. Stir fried lobster
12. Stir fried giant crabs
13. Sour mustard with pig intestines
14. Sour mustard with beef

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