Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Maiwand Kabob Coming To Rte 175?

Anyone know details about a new Maiwand Kabob maybe opening in January next to Pier 1 in the shopping center at Rte 175 and Dobbin Road?

I posted about talk in June, and Reed emailed me a few days ago that people at the original Afghan restaurant in Columbia were talking about the new location.  He said they were talking about opening in January.  (Update:  See the comment below that points out Maiwand Kabob has advertised a new Columbia Crossing location on Twitter and its Web page.)

I think they're talking about the empty space down from Pier 1, but I haven't been there recently to look inside.


Anonymous said...

I just did a bit of looking around on their website and found a late July twitter post by them that said "new location opening soon Columbia Crossing" and on the locations page at the bottom it says:

Dobbin Rd & MD Route 175
Columbia, MD 21045

Interesting enough, they do not list the Burtonsville location...does anyone know if they are indeed one and the same? The name is the same!

Anonymous said...

When I was Harpers Choice last week, I asked that very question. They said there used to be some common ownership of the Burtonsville location but no longer. I ate there once and I thought it was just okay.

ColumbiaJeff said...

Does anyone have an update on the new Maiwand Kabob that's supposed to open in Columbia Crossing in January? I drove by the other day and it doesn't look like they are close to finishing the renovations.