Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bon Chon Korean Fried Chicken Coming To Ellicott City - Crunch Arrives As Soon As January

Bon Chon Korean fried chicken is coming to Ellicott CIty -- opening as early as January.

The news appears on a Facebook page that says the Bon Chon will open in "approximately" January 2012.  It's coming thanks to John Kim, who also brought Tutti Frutti to Rte 40.  The address says 3419 Plum Tree Toad.  That's also the address of Serafino's Italian Market.  Anyone know how this will work?

Tian Chinese Cuisine brought Korean fried chicken to Howard County earlier this year.  You can go there now for the double-fried crispness and the spicy sauces.  But people drive all the way to Annandale for the Bon Chon for the chain that helped start the craze.  There is room for all these options with chicken this much fun.

I posted a review of Bon Chon this summer after eating takeout from there in New York.  Check that out for the link to Henry Hong's review as well.  Thanks to Kimi for posting the news on my prior post.


Marcia said...

Plum Tree Toad - hehe

Had not heard that Serafino's was closing. We were there recently. Maybe the bottom/back bar area didn't work out?

Kim said...

There is room in the Serafino's building... I think they are at the other end.

Eric said...

There is a row of store fronts behind Serafino's. There is construction going on in at least two of them.

Anonymous said...

I was at Serafino's tonight. Bon Chon is moving into the space adjoining them on the left. Good luck to them with parking. That lot was full tonight from the overflow from (Crab)Shanty Grill.

John Kim said...

This is John Kim, I am currently in NYC for Bonchon Training for a month to bring the goodness to Ellicott City! :) The store is planning to open sometime late Feb, or early March, with Full menu, as well as full liquor too!!
It is right next to Serafino, dont worry, there are planty of parking (75+) in this shipping center! Hang tight guys, I am excited as much as you guys!!

Anonymous said...

when are you guys gonna open? it's almost May.