Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Restaurant News Update: November 2010

Restaurants are opening, closing and moving all over Howard County.  It's impossible for me to truly catch up, but I can at least collect the basics here:

  • Openings: Bon Appetit Bakery opened last week on Rte 40 in Ellicott City.
  • Movings: Aida Bistro was scheduled to open in its new Columbia home on December 2.  The new Frisco Tap Room in Columbia was scheduled for an early December opening as well.
  • Expansions: Facci and Kloby's Smokehouse have both announced expansion plans for the same shopping center on Johns Hopkins Road just off Rte 29.
  • And there is massive shifting on the Indian food front.  Bombay Peacock closed in Columbia.  But a new Indian restaurant is opening tomorrow in Ellicott City, says Suzanne on the HowChow Facebook page.  She says it's in the Taylor Village shopping center.
  • At the same time, a new Indian restaurant specializing in southern Indian food will replace Aida Bistro in Columbia, according to Kalpesh on the HowChow Facebook page.  He says the new place will be owned by the folks behind House of India.
  • There is talk that a new Mexican restaurant may replace the coffee shop in the Waverly Woods shopping center.  Todd emailed to say there is talk that the new restaurant owners already have two Mexican places in the area.
Anyone know any other details -- about the new Indian or Mexican especially?  Or other news on the horizon?


HowICook said...

According to the Richard Gorelick in today's Baltimore Sun, Sweet, a bakery & cafe is moving from main street Ellicott city to Mt Vernon in Baltimore. They're dropping the cafe and concentrating on cakes.

Morty Abzug said...

Narita Sushi, the tiny sushi place in Hickory Ridge shopping center, has closed. Presumably the much larger Maruha managed to drive them out of business just as Maruha itself was tanking. Peking Chef is the Chinese restaurant that surrounded the much smaller Narita on three sides. I stopped by Peking Chef and asked what was up; the guy behind the counter didn't know the history, but said that they would be expanding into Narita's old space.

Stephanie said...

I ws in Peking Chef in Hickory Ridge for Christmas (unbelievably busy) they said they were taking over and remodeling the Narita Sushi space and expanding their menu to include sushi and other Asian foods.