Friday, November 19, 2010

Is There A New Restaurant In Savage Mill?

Is there a new restaurant in Savage Mill?

Bonaparte Bread used to run a restaurant in the upper part of Savage Mill, and I snapped a few photos there the last time that I was there.

Literally, I was running through the shopping areas to grab a Bonaparte baguette.  I snapped photos for some theoretical post.  So I only realized this week that the signs on the upper floor say "Whatchamacallit" and that it appears to be a new restaurant.

Does anyone know Whachamacallit?


Anonymous said...

Whatchamacallit Restaurant
Breakfast and light foods. Varieties of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, and baked goods with something for everyone!

New Weave Building2D (301) 317-3301

Anonymous said...

That food counter in the middle of has changed hands several times. The bakery is still in front of Ramshead.

chris said...

Yep - I've eaten there several times. Food is decent - I love the pasta salad and the Jamaican beef patty. However, it's nice that one place has managed to stay in that location for more than a couple months.

Anonymous said...

watchamacallit has the best sandwiches and it's made quickly! The service was good, and they were very helpful, they even take the food out to where you're sitting. Everything is always nice and fresh, and there's no waiting like at RamsHead so its nice, I'd recommend it. definitly.

Deborah Hardin said...

The falafel is AMAZING! Made there fresh from a family recipe, I'm told. The man behind the counter was very excited when I ordered it and was genuinely pleased when I gave him a thumbs-up after my first bite.