Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Link: Tersiguel's on 1000 Words Blog

Tersiguel's sits near the top of Howard County dining, but it is still on my "to do" list so I was interested in the review by TeeJay on the 1000 Words blog.

TeeJay compared Tersiguel's to Volt, which is a tough one for any restaurant.  But he really appreciated the ambiance and service, and talks up dishes like duck and flourless chocolate cake.  It is really tough to serve high-end food when you're sitting between two cities where people can drive to splurge -- what I have called the "Woodberry Kitchen Problem."


Anonymous said...

What a well put together account of his evening. I think you found another good blog for us to follow.

I've had nothing but good luck at Tersiguel's myself. The food and service have always been top notch.

K8teebug said...

I have always wanted to go there myself. Especially since I discovered they have crepes suzette, which I am scared to make at home.

TeeJay said...

Thanks for the link, HowChow! I totally agree with the "Woodberry Problem" for Tersiguel's.

@K8teebug- don't fear the crepe! It's definitely one thing that looks more impressive (and tastes better) than one would expect from the work it takes to produce.