Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Link: El Hidalgo Reviewed In The Sun

Now, I need to go to El Hidalgo in Elkridge.  I have two Mexican places that I want to try, but Rob Kasper's review of El Hidalgo highlights a Mexican dish that neither he nor I had had before -- tlacoyos.

Kasper says the new restaurant on Marshalee Drive compares with his visits to Arizona.  Still sounds like the service is getting up to speed, but it sounds like El Hidalgo is going for more than your average Tex-Mex.


Anonymous said...

The service is not great but the poblano / green rice is amazing.
--Erica Z

aeli2468 said...

my husband and I went (with a coupon) a few weeks ago - we live around the corner. As mentioned, we found the service a bit lacking. But the food was decent. We went with standard stuff, and I would probably go back since it was so close. Hopefully the service improves though.

And to clarify, service wasn't rude; just slow and not attentive (especially since there weren't many other tables). but they were very nice.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting up all these comments. The owners check this everyday to see in what we need to improve in. We are really grateful to hear that we have good food. But we are disappointed that our service is lacking. we promise you that this will change. Up top is a link to our website i hope you will spread the word all around. Thank you so much and keep posting comments