Monday, November 15, 2010

Honey-Nut Sundaes WIth Nazar's Balli Cerez

Repurpose some Turkish nut spread by using it to create a honey-nut sundae with vanilla ice cream.

The Omak brand balli cerez is a thick spread made of crushed nuts soaked in honey.  Crushed pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts and more fill the small jars at Nazar Market in Columbia.  They're doused in honey, and I have no idea how Turkish people use them -- other than that they're a "snack," according to the guys at Nazar.

I used them as a sundae topping.  I spooned a few tablespoons over vanilla ice cream, then poured on a few tablespoons of honey because the balli cerez is more nut than sauce.  That made for an ice cream parlor dessert -- crunchy, sweet and way more natural than that Magic Shell that I loved as a kid.

Nazar Market has become a delicious source for unique items.  You get fresh meat -- including ground lamb -- from the halal butcher, along with many Turkish items that are great on their own or work well in recipes.  Plus, you can walk across the parking lot for a sandwich at Bon Fresco.  Check out all my Nazar posts.


jessiex said...

I've purchased this product before. I bought it for camping: one of those yummy, dense foods that I could scoop up and get a lift for the next hour or so. The bottle was quite appealing. :-)

Linda Dorman said...

OMG! Best stuff in the world. I just bought this at Michael's Fresh Market in Naperville, IL. I made a fruit parfait with plain non-fat yogurt, fresh berries and topped it with King's Honey Nut. I also plan to try it with cornbread or savory baked goods to add a sweet contrast. It might even be good with grilled vegetables like sweet potatoes!