Sunday, November 21, 2010

Link: Sushi Sono Reviewed In The Sun

Sushi Sono gets a writeup from Richard Gorelick in the Sun that has to make them smile:
If you've ever worried that you might not be able to tell the difference between very good sushi and excellent sushi, then you owe yourself a trip to Sushi Sono. Order something you've had before at your perfectly fine neighborhood sushi joint — say, the hamachi (yellowtail) — take a bite, and you'll know. You can tell the difference. It's better here.
 I have said that Sushi Sono was one of the best.  And I love the two new rolls!


whatsanitasdeal said...

i love sushi sono. it's always crowded which is a good sign.

Do you know where I can get fresh fish? I'm trying to cut back on eating meat and more on fish.
I wish those guys at the korean markets would fillet it for me. it would make my life easier.
I'm a long time follower of your blog! LOVE IT. I can't wait for Wegmans to open.
I just started a blog and would love a comment or a GFC follower

HowChow said...

I am a fan of both Today's Catch in Columbia and Frank's Seafood in Jessup for fish. They're fillet any fish that is large enough, I think. Have you been to Frank's?