Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Frisco Tap Room Still Set To Move Next Week?

Anyone know when the new Frisco Tap Room will open -- and usher in a new era for the craft beer and burrito scene that started at Frisco Grille & Cantina?

The word on Twitter in early November was that Frisco was targeting Thanksgiving for the move.  They're going to have more space and even more options for interesting beers and southwestern food.  People rave about everything from the brew to the children's menu.  Once they're open, I want to update the post about beers.

(Update: See the comments below.  The Baltimore Beer Guy says the latest word was that the current location will close in November and the new one will open in early December.  Check below for more.)


BeerGuy said...

I could have mangled it but I believe what will happen is they will move out of the current location before the end of November, and open the Dobbin location sometime very early December.

I will try to get down there Monday to speak with Adam and the gang and get official confirmation on all that.

Amy Kunkoski said...

I had dinner there last night. I asked the host. He said by the end of the month (November). I was originally hearing before Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. But, guess it's been delayed.