Friday, November 5, 2010

Touche Touchet Has Samples All Weekend -- As Discovered By A Hoco Politico Blog Investigation

Hoco Politico talks up Kloby's Smokehouse -- particulary the smoked turkey platter -- and then stops by Touche Touchet for coffee, carrot cake cupcakes, and samples in a post today.

The big discovery is that this weekend is the Columbia bakery's "open house."  They will have samples on Saturday and Sunday.  Touche Touchet is always worth your time, and you should enjoy a cool weekend with a sweet and a hot drink.

Sources say that early versions of the Hoco Politico post had photos of Hoco Politico buying two carrot cake cupcakes.  He appears to have revised so that he can tell Mrs. Politico that he only got one.  Oh, wait.  That's my plan for tomorrow.


Trevor said...

Howchow, thanks for the link, but no thanks for revealing my scheme!

Actually, the carrot cake cupcake was really good. Very very dense. And the creme cheese icing was great. The icing had the perfect amount of tang and sweet without being excessively sweet or heavy.

I'll have to go back and try more things soon.

kam said...

Oooh, excellent timing on this post. I've been looking for some nice places to grab something sweet and a warm drink now that the weather's getting cold.

I blame my hibernating instincts. ;)


Touche Touchet Bakery said...

Thank you for all your support and shout outs! We appreciate all the recognition you have been giving us. We love being mentioned in your blog and hearing people come in and tell us they heard about us through How Chow. Keep doing what you do!

HowChow said...

@Touche - Thank you so much. I love spreading the word and sampling on the way!