Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lunch Buffet At The Maiwand Burtonsville

Maiwand Kabob in Burtonsville now has a $9 weekday lunch buffet that they started in late October, reports Kyle.

Kyle and his wife were in an Afghan mood for lunch and were pleasantly surprised to find the buffet.  This is the Maiwand Kabob on Rte 198 in Burtonsville, just west of Rte 29 and right near Soretti's Ethiopian Cuisine and Cuba de Ayer.

The food hit the buffet between 11:30 and noon, Kyle reports:
Most of the food arrived by 11:45 with the last dish at noon. Don't arrive early, but the wait was worth it. We went on a Thursday, and the buffet included salad, chicken kabob, lamb curry, kofta (spicy ground beef) kebab, eggplant, pumpkin, white rice, brown rice, sweet white rice with carrots and raisins, tandoori bread and a dessert (tasty sweet orange colored cream of wheat?).
We liked it. Weekday lunch for us is a rarity but we would do this one again.
The Burtonsville Maiwand is somehow connected to the original Columbia restaurant.  It's casual Afghan food -- but there are exceptional items like the mantwo appetizer and the pumpkin.

(Update: See the comment below that Maiwand Kabob has put the buffet on hold.  But Soretti's is an Ethiopian place right next door.  That would be delicious.)


Sarah said...

Dessert: sounds like sooji halva if you'd like to know the name.

My dad also loves this place-- I have to get down there!

betsy said...

sorettis is also having a buffet these days - it was delicious on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Sad news - turns out they "decided to take a break from the buffet" and won't have it again until at least January. The employees said to call first, though, to double check.