Friday, October 22, 2010

Kloby's Is Expanding (& More Happy Hour News)

Kloby's Smokehouse is expanding -- and getting all complex on us.

The BBQ joint on Johns Hopkins Road started as a takeout and has expanded to have seating and waiters at night.

Now, Kloby's plans to take over the space next door -- ice cream parlor in the front, a bar in the middle, and space in the back that could be used as a stage.  (Separate entrances for ice cream and the main restaurant/bar.)  People had talked about the expansion since August, but I heard the plans first-hand at yesterday's happy hour.

The ice cream parlor will have its own door in the front.  The new space will have a new main entrance and continue Kloby's expansion into a spot for craft beer as well as barbecue.  I let the Baltimore Beer Guy order for me at the happy hour, and I loved the new Flying Dog Single Hop Simcoe Imperial IPA.  Hoppy like the Raging Bitch that I drank all summer, but maybe one level smoother and less bitter.

Somewhere between the beer and the wings, I forgot to ask about when the expansion will happen.  Go try Kloby's wings and you'll understand.  Before the happy hour got started, David of Hoco360 and I got a backstage tour and saw the huge smoker that makes Kloby's so different.  Real firewood burning, and the end result where Kloby's had put that smoky flavor into trays of ribs, chicken and wings.

They serve those wings in a dozen ways.  I went with "dirty and old" -- which meant they were fried twice and seasoned with Old Bay.  Those are absolutely my favorite wings around -- big meaty wings with real flavor, not just a fried coating and hot sauce.  I shared those around so that I could justify having a second round of three "slider" sandwiches -- a chicken, a pork barbecue, and a beef brisket.  Delicious, and I'm ready to go back for the ribs.

Thanks to everyone who came for the happy hour.  That was great fun, and I appreciate everyone who came to talk.  I'm always glad that HowChow is entertaining and useful.  I hope everyone had fun -- and good luck to the Patch folks who are kicking off their respective sites for Ellicott City, Columbia and Savage-Guilford.  (We explained there is no such place as Savage-Guilford, but they have bosses at corporate who know this area better than all of us.)  HowChow is just a hobby, but these folks are journalists so they have to figure out new media as its happening -- and do it right at the same time.

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Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Sorry I missed it sounds like a good time was had by all. Mrs. Runner ended up having to work. Steve has great place there and it won't be long till Kloby's will be a destination for Beer,Bourbon and Barbque.

-Husky Runner

John said...

Sounds like a great time. Unfortunately, with 3 year old twins, I don't get out as often as I'd like.
I love Kloby's and have been going to that location since it was a bbq place under different ownership/name. Kloby's (and the owners) is much better than the previous incarnation.
Thanks for all you do in bringing us great info on the HoCo dining scene.

BeerGuy said...

Very nice event, had a good time, thanks to all who made it happen.

Kloby's owner Steve is a great guy, great to talk to, very enthusiastic about the food he prepares, the beer, bourbon, and his place in general. Very happy we have so many out-front bar/business owners in HoCo who do a great job and are readily accessible and friendly.

Tim said...

I stopped in for carry out bbq slider platter and was sitting there thinking, gosh this place seems unusually crowded for a random Thursday night. Sounds like a blast and great food all around...

Penny said...

I hope you do it again. I was in the hospital on Thursday (cat escaped, hired pet detective, was outside at 2 a.m. with a wet head and a cold chanting to the cat, turns out Mom was right--you CAN catch pneumonia) (cat found!)

I am doing much better now, as is my cat, but me and my better half had been looking forward to saying "hey!" and "thanks!" before we got sidetracked.

Damn cat.