Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Come Chew The Fat -- Or At Least Some Bones

The HocoBlogs Web site does a great job of bringing together writers from Howard County, and its driving force Jessie X strives for more -- namely face-to-face time for people who write and read local blogs.

HowChow and the HoCo Rising blog are co-hosting a happy hour on Thursday, October 21 at Kloby's Smokehouse just off Rte 29 on Johns Hopkins Road.

The bloggers will settle in for some beer, wings and maybe some barbecue pork.  Or maybe ribs.  You're on your own for your tab, but you can share a table and talk local food or local politics.  The HoCo Rising can talk about both.  I'll stick to the food -- and get Trevor to expound on the liberal politics of Sam Zell and Robert McCormick.  We're inviting anyone whose work appears on HocoBlogs and anyone who reads us.  Come share your tips, your opinions, your suggestions for the future.

Click for the official invitation

HowChow/HoCo Rising Happy Hour w/HocoBlogs
Thursday, October 21, 2010 -- 5:30 to about 8 pm
Kloby's Smokehouse
7500 Montpelier Road
Laurel, MD 20723


NEAR: On Johns Hopkin Road just west of Rte 29. This is really the border of Columbia and Fulton.  It's not Laurel.  Kloby's is in a shopping center with a Subway, a liquor store and La Palapa Too just east of the JHU Applied Physics Lab.


Jessiex said...

Thanks for posting news of this event, Mr. HowChow. For the record, it's Mr. Lane (Wordbones) who initiated the first face-to-face meeting for bloggers in the hoco. it's part of the history and lore of our (currently) small and growing community. i thought it was such a great idea that I implemented it ... and kept it going.

thanks for being a cohost

kam said...

Do we need to preregister, or can we just come if we think we'll have time on that day? I'm not 100% sure of my schedule, so I don't want to take a spot if it'd mean locking someone else out.


HowChow said...

No requirement to preregister. We're just going to hang out in the back of Kloby's so there is no limit. Just come by!