Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arties Appears To Have Closed In Clarksville

Artie's ice cream shop on Rte 108 in Clarksville appears to have closed.

Artie's and Breakfast, Burgers and More operated from a white building just south of Rte 32, and it appears to have closed at the end of the summer.  Alicyn posted a comment on the HowChow Facebook page, and Marcia emailed me with confirmation yesterday:

FYI - was driving down Rt. 108 thru Clarksville today and it looks like Artie's ice cream is gone. I thought it looked a little empty a week or so ago but thought maybe they'd just closed for the winter - today I saw a "For Lease" sign out front.
I have to say when I was there early this summer it looked like they weren't putting their best effort into the business. Almost looked as if they found some ice cream and were just using it up.
(Update: Arties generally closes for the winter.  The difference is Marcia's observation of a "For Lease" sign on the building.  If you know anything, please email me or post a comment below.)


Jonathan said...

Doesn't Artie's close every year during the winter, though?

Trevor said...

It is as closed as an establishment can be. I looks like they are selling the property, as there is a for sale sign there on the land just in front of where Artie's used to be, right on 108.

Kirby said...

Arties used to be great years ago-I think it was a family-run business and they hired local teenagers for the summer. I think the original owners sold it and the place always seemed run down and neglected after that.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I went by there the last weekend they were open. Their lease ran out and they had posted signs indicating they were reopening in Olney Town Center although I can't confirm that has happened

Anonymous said...

They closed. Someone else has since purchased the place.