Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lovebirds Pies at Gorman Produce Farm

You can buy sweets to go with the healthy eats at Gorman Produce Farm in Laurel.

The farm just south of King's Contrivance has been selling their own produce all summer along with fruit from local orchards.  Now, they're also selling pies from Lovebirds Cookies and Cakes, according to RDAdoc who discovered the pies last week.

The pies come in a variety of flavors and sizes.  RDAdoc grabbed two mini-pies -- a pumpkin for her family and a maple apple for us.  They're good.  The maple flavor came through in the apple pie.  It was a crust that tasted homemade, not as refined as the pastries at Touche Touchet but more like a pie from your good friend the good baker.  

RDAdoc agreed: "The pumpkin pie had a delicious flaky crust and tasted like it was made with only fresh ingredients.  It could have used a touch of cinnamon or nutmeg but overall it was quite tasty and I would recommend it to others."

But she is RDAdoc because she is a nutrition doc.  So she also emailed with Lovebirds Cookies and Cakes and got the full story -- including ingredients -- from the owner Lydia, who said that the next batch of pies will have new labels that list ingredients.  Lydia also confirmed that Lovebirds aims for the flavors that we had found:
We do a whole array of stuff and specialize in "homemade" utilizing the best of ingredients. For example the Maple Apple contains NO white sugar, it is simply sweetened with 100% Maple Syrup. Plus we use a cortland apple (that is naturally sweeter) that are grown locally.
Lovebirds is selling their sweets through David's Natural Market in Columbia, maybe the other organic markets like Roots and Mom's Organic Markets.  Keep an eye on the shelves.

Gorman Farm is operating under fall hours -- open Thursday to Sunday, according to RDAdoc.  Click here for all the posts about Gorman Farm.

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Marcia said...

Give me something with a homemade taste or texture over a professional bakery any time! I'll be looking for Lovebird products for the occasional splurge, thanks for the info!