Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enough With The Campaign, I'll Sell My Vote

All that I'm saying is that democracy hasn't gotten me a Whole Foods.

You can go to some HoCo political blogs for campaign coverage, but you come to HowChow for actual votes.  I'm giving mine away . . . for a price.  Straight up vote-buying.  If politicians fill the right holes in the county's food options, I'll vote for anyone.

5.  My vote for board of education.

Let's start small.  I want cool sodas.  Get nutritional food for the kiddies, but I saw a Boylans soda fountain at Taylor Gourmet on H Street in DC.  Great flavors.  "Real" sugar.  Get some local restaurant to install a Boylans soda fountain, and I'll help you join the board -- and then sue yourself!

4. My vote for county council.

We need bahn mi, the Vietnamese sandwiches so common in Arlington or Rockville.  This is doable on the local level.  Buy the bread at Bon Fresco.  Slice some meats, pickle some vegetables.  You could be a county leader and a sandwich empresario.

3. My vote for state senate.

Jamba Juice.  The official drink of Mrs. HowChow's LA years.  The smoothies can be breakfast, lunch or snack.  Some of the gambling money could buy the franchise -- if you haven't used it all propping up horse racing.

2. My vote for county executive.

Lebanese Taverna.  We'd love even the Rockville counter-service version.  Mr. State-Wide Ambition could bring us some international flavor -- kabobs, breads, and spreads to complement Maiwand Kabob and that orange blossom lemonade.

1. My vote for governor.

Whole Foods.  It's the big job, so we want the big store.  Two words: Executive order.  Wegmans may fill the spot in 2012, but a governor could shoehorn a gourmet store into Ellicott City.


Ballinger4boe said...

HowChow I am on my way to Taylor Gourmet on H Street in DC to get you that Boylans soda fountain after signwaving ,HoCo Rising want to jion my on this road trip?

HowChow said...

That's what Jefferson was talking about!

Bust off from the king, and we can create the kind of country where a real candidate is promising gourmet soda less than an hour after the post goes up.

I love America!

Sarah said...

Don't shortchange yourself!

You stayed on top of Wegman's with your FB group and updates on here... with a little spin, you brought Wegman's and hundreds of jobs to Howard County already! Claim it and run for office! :P

jeffsix said...

Boylans soda is also at all of the Chop't salad places in DC (there are a few locations, including DuPont and Chinatown). They also have the absolute best salad you'll get in the MD/VA/DC area. If you're down there, get their food as well as some delicious, REAL, soda!

HoCoRising said...

What the heck is County Commission? Ha ha.

HowChow said...

Oh, dear. Fixed "council." Years of covering government in Florida.

Anonymous said...

You need to clarify that we don't want just any Whole Foods store either. We want one that measures up to the one in Annapolis!

Trevor said...

I propose we create a new position called "County Commissioner of Food." This person will have the responsibility for promoting good food, good eating, and good supermarkets in HoCo.

I nominate HowChow to be the inaugural "County Commissioner of Food."

EJC said...

They opened a Taylor in Bethesda too if you don't wanna go all the way down to H St NE.

Mo said...

If only there was time to put these demands on signage... :)

Chris said...

Chop't in DC also has the Boyaln's fountains.

BeerGuy said...

Not a smoothie hut fan, those places are so tacky, but when dragged into Jamba Juice always enjoyed what they made. Wouldn't mind one out here.

BeerGuy said...

Also, I want the Maryland legislature to lift the ban on beer sales in grocery stores. That, or provide a waiver to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods who in MANY states sell exceptional bottled beers at good prices.

Anonymous said...

Punk's Backyard Grill in Annapolis also has Boylen's on tap. I always end up drinking WAY too much...usually between Cherry, Vanilla and Birch Beer.

pizzablogger said...

Yes, a Whole Foods more in-line with the one in Annapolis, or better yet, like the one on Union Square in NYC, would be a wonderful addition. You guys deserve it!

Both are more "souped-up" than the Harbor East or Mt Washington locations in Bawlmer, but I'm lucky to have Harbor East Whole Foods an exact one mile from my front stoop...I am there far too often. --K

pizzablogger said...

I'm drinking a Boylan's right now.

Some must have cool sodas to be considered for the list:

Dr. Brown's sodas
Nutfield Root Beer (awesome)
Foxon Park sodas
Hotlips Fresh Fruit Sodas
Jarritos (lemon-lime & tamarind!)
Sioux City Sasparilla
Dominion Root Beer
Mexican Coca-Cola (real sugar)

All to appear in a pizza shop in Baltimore one day. --K

P90 Noir said...

I'll sell/trade my votes for the Whole Foods and Lebanese Taverna for sure!

But most importantly, I'm with Beer Guy - we really need wine and beer sold it grocery stores (just to make my Trader Joe's wine shopping trips quicker and greener).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely!!! We need a Wholefoods. Where's the petition? I wanna sign.

aeli2468 said...

I actually JUST went to Taylor Gourmet in Bethesda for the first time a couple of days ago. As a Philly transplant, I was intrigued by the authentic sounding philly sandwiches and hoagies! But I was FLOORED by the Boylans soda fountain! If it weren't a 15 minute walk for me to get there, I would probably have lunch there every other day.