Monday, November 8, 2010

Link: El Hidalgo On HoCo Rising

El Hidalgo in Elkridge starts off with homemade salsa and kept pleasing HoCo Rising and Jane -- as reviewed on the HoCo Rising blog yesterday.

I still haven't been to the new, family-run restaurant.  I keep hearing a steady report of "good, authentic food" and "spotty service."  That was Rob Kaspar's review in the Sun, and it sounds like that was the scene when the bloggers ate Saturday night.


Vicky said...

I've been to El Hidalgo a few times now. The food is excellent, excellent enough for me to overlook the spotty-but-well-intentioned service from the family waitstaff.

Steve W. said...

Took the family there twice in the last two weeks. Food was great both times. Service is seriously lacking which is surprising based on the small size of the place. If you can stand the wait, the food is worth it. Kids did well and the burrito (get the green) was delicious in both the pork and chicken versions.

bumby said...

I'm trying to figure out if this is El Hidalgo already looking to sell.