Monday, August 30, 2010

Mom's Organic Market Expands In Jessup

Mom's Organic Market in Jessup has expanded into the still-filling shopping center, creating broader aisles throughout the store and more space for organic groceries.

It's a nice look.  The store feels more open, and the produce section seems bigger.  They created a special section in produce for the high-end cheeses.  This isn't a Whole Foods, but it's one of the better places for unusual cheeses in Howard County.

Mom's -- which used to be called My Organic Market -- is one of the three local sources for organic groceries.  I'm not a huge buyer of the national brands, but I like Mom's for cheeses, breads, vegetables, and a walk through the aisles.  My recent finds have included Michele's Granola, Fage Greek Yogurt, and Salazon Salted Chocolates.  Click here for all of the Mom's Organic Market posts.

Mom's Organic Market Columbia East
7361 Assateague Dr. #190
Jessup, MD 20794

NEAR: This is the Columbia East shopping center at Rte 175 just east of U.S. 1. There is a Starbucks facing Rte 175, and you'll see Mom's Organic Market right in front of you when you pull into the parking area.


Marcia said...

Great news about MOM's. Don't forget Trader Joe's & Roots for good cheese selections too.

Suzy said...

Looks like the Wegman's on Snowden River has begun the initial construction and digging. Is that what I'm seeing??

MaybeKathy said...

MOM's is my go to spot for Zeke's Coffee but I always manage to pick up a bunch of extra stuff while I am there. I was hoping the new store arrangement would move the ice cream somewhere besides right by the registers. I always seem to mysteriously end up with a few pints I didn't mean to buy in my bag whenever I have to wait in line.
But my favorite thing about MOM's is the staff. They are exceedingly helpful and friendly without any of the judginess you so often find in health food stores.