Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Salazon Salted Chocolate At Roots, Mom's, David's

If you tried the Lindt salted chocolate at Target, you should grab a Salazon chocolate bar at one of the local organic markets.

Salazon is a local company that makes chocolates in Pennsylvania.  They're adult bars.  Dark chocolate bar with salt on the outside.  Larger crystals and dusted in a layer across the bottom, not mixed into the chocolate like the sea salt Lindt.

The flavor depends on how you pop it in your mouth -- chocolate then salt, salt then chocolate, depending on which side you put on your tongue.  It's fun.  It's expensive, but it's a deep chocolate taste with a salty contrast.

Salazon is based in Eldersburg, MD.  They sell through Roots in Clarksville, Mom's Organic Market in Jessup, and David's Natural Market in Columbia.  Roots had all three varieties -- the salt, a version with salt and pepper, and a version with salt and turbinado sugar.

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MaybeKathy said...

The Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar bar is my new favorite, eclipsing even the elusive Chocolove Salted Almond and Dark Chocolate bar. The Black Pepper and Sea Salt not so much. The pepper just didn't play well with the chocolate.