Monday, June 14, 2010

Link: Asian Court On The 97mph Blog

Asian Court's dim sum went head-to-head with a Washington favorite Oriental East in a review yesterday on the 97mph blog.

The KitchenGeek says the food was similarly delicious and authentic at both places.  (I agree.)  They particularly liked Asian Court's sticky rice wrapped in taro leaves and a flat noodles with beef and scallops.  They also liked a pork and peanut dumpling that I have never noticed before.

But the real find was a clams in black bean sauce that just put Asian Court back on my "need to visit soon" list.  Those sound terrific.

Photo pulled right off the 97mph blog.  The KitchenGeek also writes the Kitchen Geeking blog.

If you're interested in dim sum, check out my original post about Asian Court and remember that you can order any dim sum off the menu for weekday lunches.  If you're going to be near Silver Spring, both Kitchen Geeking and I recommend Oriental East.

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