Monday, June 7, 2010

Dried Limes & Lemons As Seen In The NYT

Dried limes were last week's "power ingredient" in The New York Times, and HowChow's official NYT correspondent sent me an email saying that we should give them a try.

Hard to find dried limes in the hinterland near Gramercy Park.  But Howard County is a food mecca.  I had them two hours later from Pars Market and Nazar Market in Columbia.  They're $3 a bag.  I mailed a sample to The City.

Nazar had bags marked "dried lemons."  Pars had "dried limes" and "dried lemons."  They looked the same to me, and no one could explain the difference.  Still no chance to try them, but John Willoughby has recipes for chicken stew, lentil salad and broiled shrimp.

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Sarah said...

A classic (and amazing) Iranian dish using dried lemons (or lemon omani, which is what it says on the bag in your picture) is gormeh sabzi, a greens and stew-beef based dish eaten with rice. I've actually never made it but have had it countless times. The Boston Globe has a recipe adopted from Shirazi Cuisine here: