Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trolling: Snowballs, Burgers and Pulled Pork

K8teebug -- who comments often and blogs at Ramblings of A Former -- provided a perfect list of deep summer eating -- snowball, burger and barbecue.  I'm a huge fan of both meat sandwiches, and we need to make a pilgrimage out to Woodstock because people love the Snowball Stand out there.
Egg Custard Snowball with marshmallow from the Snowball Stand in Woodstock:  I have lived in Maryland all my life, and these are the best snowballs I've ever tasted.  They don't dilute the syrup here, and put just the right amount over the ice.  They don't hold back on the marshmallow here, either.  A perfect warm weather treat.
The burger with blue cheese at Victoria Gastropub.  I've been blogging about burgers I've eaten for a few years now.  This one is in the top five of those I've tried all over the country.  A tasty burger on a brioche roll, with a zesty spread.  It doesn't get much better than this.
The pulled pork sandwich at Kloby's Smokehouse in Fulton.  Sure, most of the crowd is headed towards Facci for their delightful pizzas.  But, if you're annoyed with the wait, might I suggest walking a few doors down for one of the best pulled pork sandwiches you'll ever eat?  It's cheap, topped with fantastic coleslaw, and you can even order an ice cold beer served in a mason jar!  This BBQ rivals them all, even those in North Carolina.
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HoCoRising said...

I remember going to that snowball stand when I was little, but haven't been able to find it since. Great suggestion...any coordinates (i.e., address)?

Caederus said...

Directions to The Snow Ball Stand.

29 North till it ends at route 99.
Turn left on rt 99.
Go 4 miles to Woodstock rd
turn right at the light and then left into the parking lot.

HoCoRising said...


Laura said...

Just at The Snowball Stand last night. IMO the best snowballs around. Thrilled they have teamed up with the HoCo Public Library summer reading program - free kiddie size coupons. Kids love it here and if you go at just the right time, fireflies aplenty! :-)