Sunday, June 27, 2010

Link: Soft Stuff on Kevin & Ann Eat Everything

With all this heat and the new Meadows Custard, it is time for me to revise and re-post my suggestion about where to eat ice cream outside on a summer night.

But until I get that done, go read Kevin's love for Soft Stuff in Ellicott City -- at the bottom of a post that also talks up Catonsville Gourmet. That should get you off the couch and onto a picnic bench to make your own summer memories.

Kevin & Ann Eat Everything is a great blog for people who want to read about food around here. Kevin eats well, and he writes with the humor and positive tone to which I aspire -- although I wouldn't have survived dubbing my wife "Mrs. Rheelyfat."

You can check out my 2009 version of Ice Cream on a Summer night. I do need to revise and repost.

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Work in progress said...

Thanks for the kind words! Though I think you're selling yourself short. I always aspire to have the passion and dedication you put into HowChow!