Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cookies at Bon Fresco and Touche Touchet

Bakeries become famous for their exotic offerings, but they make people very happy with a good cookie.

Bon Fresco makes wonderful breads and sandwiches.  Touche Touchet does amazing sweets, including pies, bear claws and cupcakes.  But my most-recent finds at both Columbia bakeries were cookies -- homey chocolate chip and exotic cayenne chocholate.

Bon Fresco goes homey and pulls off the hardest cookie -- the chocolate chip.  Most chocolate chip cookies that we eat have just come out of my oven, so you need to bake a great specimen to make us happy about paying cash.  Mrs. HowChow and I think Bon Fresco delivers.  Delicious even at room temperature with the fresh quality that makes Bon Fresco's bread so delicious.

Touche Touchet goes devilish.  The chocolate cookie comes spiked with hot pepper.  That's an adult taste, and it works beautifully.  Mostly, you taste chocolate and sweet, but the aftertaste comes with the direct sharp flavor of cayenne.  Touche Touchet and Bonaparte in Savage serve the most beautiful desserts with tables for coffee, hot chocolate or milk, and the chocolate cayenne cookies adds another reason why you should stop at either one for an afternoon treat -- either as an adult snack or a sweet kid's activity.  Just keep the cayenne for the adults.

Touche Touchet is also selling several flavors of Tommy's Naked Soda.


Sarah said...

I skimmed this and read "Bon Fresco delivers" and nearly dropped my coffee... then I read the entire entry and liked it all, but man was I really excited for a second there!

Adam said...

You know, a gigantic chocolate chip cookie is like the worst thing in the world for you, but oh is it worth it! (I also suggest any of the sweets from Great Harvest in Columbia!)

sherringham said...

Just had a spinach and feta croissant from Touche Touchet this Sunday. Absolutely amazing!

桃樂詩 said...

We love apple tarts and cranberry scones from Bon Fresco!! Sometimes they're sold out so quickly but you can just call and order the quantity you need. The owner, Gerald will just make them for you. *^^*