Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Figuring Out The Frozen Yogurt On Rte 40: Tutti Frutti, Yogi Castle, Iceberry and Pink Beach

They have let a thousand yogurt stores bloom in Ellicott City, but I haven't had the time to go check them out myself.

Tutti Frutti started the wave on Rte 40 early this year with the by-the-ounce tart frozen yogurt.  I spooned Tutti Frutti up and posted about it.  But we have come a long way since then.  Yogi Castle opened in the shopping center with Sergio's Jewelers.  Then Iceberry opened in the Mars shopping center.  And, last I heard, there were still signs in the Bethany Center for Pink Beach Yogurt & Cafe -- with promises of frozen yogurt, crepes and "Korean snow balls." 

(Update: See the comments for reviews, including Kimi's comprehensive head-to-head.  Pink Beach appears to be open.)

So what do you think?  Any reviews?  Any comparisons?  Any news on this Pink Beach -- which I'm glad to hear will be next to
Rainpia, not a replacement.  Little Audrey wrote that Yogi's Castle was a bit more expensive, but had a dozen flavors.  Dave has gone big at Yogi Castle -- enough visits that he already misses a "Eurotart" flavor:
Let me start by saying that my wife and I were absolutely thrilled when we discovered this place! We visited many times over the subsequent weeks and brought everyone we knew there. Both of us are transplanted west coasters and great fans of tart frozen yogurt.
The variety of yogurt here is astonishing, however we always got the same thing. The Yogi Castle Eurotart is simply the best frozen yogurt we've ever had. It's light, tart and, best of all, not only is it the best tasting and most refreshing choice, it has only 70 calories per 3 oz serving, which is 20 cal less than the next lightest yogurt, and half the calories of some of the heavier selections like peanut butter and red velvet. Compared to the Classic Tart it is lighter, more flavorful and more tart. Not to mention fewer calories. For fans of tart yogurt it is as good as it gets.
You can imagine my dismay when last I visited Yogi Castle only to find that they stopped carrying eurotart and replaced it with yet another fruit flavor. Worst of all, I was told by the manager that they would not be getting it back because they already had enough tart flavors. I understand that taste is subjective, however I find it hard to believe that a business that prides itself on healthy desserts and a myriad of choices would discontinue it's healthiest, lightest and most refreshing flavor and replace it with yet another fruit flavored yogurt.
Yogi Castle is a fantastic place that I'm sure any frozen yogurt fan will absolutely love. I encourage everyone to go. Just know that until eurotart comes back you will not be getting their best! It is because of this that I beg of you one simple thing. WHEN YOU GET TO THE REGISTER ASK WHO EVER IS BEHIND THE COUNTER WHEN EUROTART IS GOING TO BE BACK!!! If enough people ask maybe they will listen and Yogi Castle will be just a little better and healthier for it. 


K8teebug said...

Eurotart at Yogi Castle was the best! That makes me sad. I tried Iceberry the other day and their variety is sad. Only about 6 flavors. BUT, they had a honeydew flavor, which was great. Their tart was also pretty tasty.

Tutti Fruity is still my favorite. I miss the pink lemonade flavor though.

I haven't been to Pink Beach yet. I was thinking of trying that later this week so I would know what I think is the best.

I am betting on Tutti Fruitti though :)

Kimi said...

I actually do have a review of all 4 places!! In my opinion, the ranking is as follows:

#1 Tutti Frutti - great consistency and texture and the rotating flavors are great but not overwhelming like Yogi Castle. I have never been disappointed in any of the flavors, but I stick to my staples of green tea and original. Also, this place has the MOST variety in toppings, including jellies and mochi! And I think this place has the best atmosphere.

#2 Iceberry - Ok, this place has the BEST "Eurotart"/Original Tart flavor. It's more "Yogurty" and creamier and more fragrant than the other places. Toppings are pretty standard, although they do have mochi as well. I would go here just for the Eurotart. The other flavors aren't anything to go out of your way for. However, I like the TV that cycles through Asian pop videos because it is entertaining!

#3 Yogi Castle - Huge variety of flavors, but I found some inconsistent, like the raspberry was SO TART and the Rdd Velvet too sweet. Also, when I went the froyo was a little runny, so I didn't appreciate that.

#4 Pink Beach - Not too much to say about this place. The texture of the froyo was a bit too grainy for me. Flavors aren't outstanding and I think more subdued than the others. This place has delicious looking cakes, though so maybe it's more of a cake and coffee with froyo on the side place. And the decor is a little mish mash of beach house + english coffeehouse.

Hope this helps!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the Eurotart at Yogi's. That was my favorite, too. I like the atmosphere at Pinkberry better, it seems more happening. Yogi's seemed more white-bread suburban. Have to try Iceberry now. I'm intrigued by the idea of video.

Eric said...

Haven't tried Pink Beach yet. I was past there last night and they are open. I tried Yogi Castle and didn't like it as much as Tutti Frutti or Iceberry. My wife thinks Iceberry is pitched at a younger crowd, maybe because of the Korean pop-music videos playing when we stopped there.

little audrey said...

I've been to all four now, and Kimi's ranking is right on. None of them are "bad" if you're nearby, and Pink Beach has cakes, cookies and self-serve waffle cones going for it. But if I'm making a special trip to Yogurt Strip, I'm headed for Tutti Frutti.