Sunday, August 15, 2010

Link: C&B Delly's Pastrami on GrubGrade

The pastrami sandwich at the C&B Deli in Ellicott City got the spotlight today in GrubGrade's Sandwich Sunday.

The C&B pastrami on thick-cut rye was a definite winnter for Adam, who writes on GrubGrade and often comments here.  He said the meat was lean and tender, but not dry, especially with some fresh vegetables, swet peppers, oil and pickles.

C&B is a new place to me.  It's on Rte 40 just eat of Rte 29.  If Google is right, it is across fromt he Normandy Shopping Center.  I'm always open to deli suggestions.  Where do you find good sandwiches?  My recent find was the corned beef at the New York Deli in Columbia.

C&B Italian Delly
8457 Baltimore National Pike #1 (Rte 40)
Ellicott City, MD 21043-4287

NEAR: It's on Rte 40 just east of Rte 29.  Google places it on the south side of Rte 40 across from the Normandy Shopping Center.


BeerGuy said...

Not a deli obviously but I really enjoy the corn dusted chicken sandwich at Frisco Grille.

Kaiser roll, giant piece of juicy chicken coated in this ugly mess of ground cornmeal or whatever it is, gives a nice texture, add a little lettuce, a little tomato, and mix in two side sauces either the really hot mango habanero sauce they have or the creamy chipotle which I prefer and you're golden. Comes with a side of either fries, onion rings or beans/rice.

That and the Carolina style pulled pork sandwich at Kloby's (w/coleslaw on top).

K8teebug said...

That pulled pork sandwich is the stuff dreams are made of.