Friday, August 27, 2010

Kloby's, T-Bonz And Frisco Grille Are Expanding -- More Craft Beer Bars And Maybe Even Live Music

The worlds of craft beer and live music in Howard County are expanding -- or at least three of the options are improving themselves.

Kloby's Smokehouse owners are telling people that they are finalizing plans to expand into the space next door with more seating and a stage for live music, according to Kathy.  The barbecue place on Johns Hopkins Road gets my business for delicious pulled pork, but its first expansion added seating and a bar that stocks bottles and taps that get it mention in places like the Beer in Baltimore blog.  They're clearly aiming at a craft beer crew.

T-Bonz Grille & Pub aims for the same crew -- and the menu now shows the layout of the planned basement beer bar and lounge with about 30 seats at the bar, seven tables and 32 taps, according to the Baltimore Beer Guy.  The BBG -- including his blog and his Twitter posts -- is my source for craft beer, and he said this year that T-Bonz in Ellicott City had turned itself into one of the best beer bars in Howard County.

The BBG also broke the news about the moving and expansion at Frisco Grille, the Columbia institution that will move in November or December.  He tweeted that the new place will be called Frisco Tap House.  Apparently, they "broke ground" on the new place the other day.

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