Monday, August 16, 2010

Fresh Ginger Ale At The H Mart

I am king of rationalizing sodas -- coming up with excuses to buy soft drinks.

Next on the list:  Real ginger in the soda in the "Fresh Ginger Ale" at H Mart.  Apparently, there is a celebrity chef angle to the brand, but I bought it because the ingredients were nothing more than water, sugar, ginger and citric acid.  It's actually cloudy.  Ginger settles on the bottle, and you can shake it around.

Fresh Ginger Ale really tastes like ginger.  It's lightly sweet, but the real flavor is the hot, fizzy ginger like you get from Reed's Ginger Candy at David's Natural Market.  It was more than $1 a bottle, so you need to like that ginger taste.  You can buy good beers for a similar price.  But it's refreshing and interesting and certainly better for me than my daily caffeine hit of Coke Zero.

When I saw the Fresh Ginger Ale, it was piled near the checkout at the H Mart in Catonsville.  They sell some flavored versions as well, but I went with the original.  I have also found other fun sodas like Tommy's Naked cream soda at David's Natural Market and the Japanese ramune that you can buy at H Mart and other Asian stores.


Sarah said...

I'm confused by the "Jasmine Tea" label on the neck of the bottle?

But fresh ginger ale... mmm. Sounds great.

Adam said...

Sounds good, but unlike you, I am unwilling to ever get ride of my Coke Zero Vanilla addiction. Best soda eva.

LeLe said...

While visiting Bermuda, I got hooked on their Ginger Beer. Fizzy, cloudy, spicy, and just a little sweet. Yum! I'll have to check out the Fresh Ginger Ale. Maybe I'll be able to recreate a decent Dark & Stormy.