Sunday, August 22, 2010

If You Read One Blog Today, Make It Hoco360

If you read one blog today, make it Hoco360.

You should scroll through past posts to see wonderful photos of Howard County, then make it a place where you check back again.  Hoco360 is a visual journal aimed, as the author writes, "to show you things you might otherwise miss in a county that on the surface might not seem so interesting."

I don't think blogs will replace the journalism that we have lost as the Sun and WPost retrench, but there is a growing web of blogs -- many collected at Jesse X's Hoco Blogs -- where you can get news and other commentary about Howard County.  Hoco360 adds a photo department.

Hoco360 isn't signed as far as I can tell.  I'm certainly not the kind of hooligan who would kick off his Twitter feed by outing a fellow blogger.  ;-)  So I will just say that I'm stunned at the quality that Hoco360's author can get from an iPhone 3G.  This isn't even the iPhone 4 with the new, better camera.  It is just beautiful work.


jessiex said...

The photographer behind hoco360 is supah-stah blogger and photog, David Hobby, known across the globe as Strobist. He was recognized by Time magazine recently as one of the top 25 bloggers of 2010.

And, personally, I find him thoughtful, intelligent, strategic and funny. His wife Susan is one of the American City Girls.

Dave took the photo of me that I currently use on my blog.

Jade's Mama said...

Hey, Brent,

Thanks for the link. Gorgeous photography. The notes on the photos, though, indicated that these photos were taken with a Nikon D3. It was a relief to read that because I was really starting to think my smartphone was holding out on me. :-)

HowChow said...

Joking, people. Joking. I was teasing David about his Twitter habits and about who would illustrate a blog with a cell phone.