Thursday, August 5, 2010

Michele's Granola At All Our Organic Markets

Breakfast advice from Mrs. HowChow -- Michele's granola and some Greek yogurt.

This is the combination that has changed mornings here in Casa del HowChows.  For years, breakfast was basically the orange juice that I deliver in the morning.  Then we went to Montreal where she ate yogurt and granola in the hotel.  It reminded her of all the simple breakfasts she has enjoyed while travelling, and she decided to bring that experience home

The local option was Michele's granola, a Baltimore brand that Mrs. HowChow found in Whole Foods.  She topped her bowls with the Fage Greek yogurt.  It's a cool, sweet, crunchy breakfast, and it has inspired her to keep it up.  The granola is the key, Mrs. HowChow says.  Small packages that stay fresh.  Big chunks of granola.  She says it's like they bake trays of granola, then break it into the bag.

Have you noticed that I don't have a lot of opinions here?  She loves this stuff.  I don't want to get between a woman and her infatuation.  From my snacking, I'm impressed at how fresh the Michele's tastes.  The oats are right up front, then nuts and fruit (at least in the cinnamon raisin we have in the pantry).  Right now, Mrs. HowChow wants bags of the original flavor.  The cherry chocolate doubles as a dessert, and the ginger is her variation.  For right now, she doesn't buy pumpkin spice and the cinnamon raisin, although she thinks they might be flavors for fall.

I have seen Michele's at all the local organic markets -- Roots in Clarksville, David's Natural Market in Columbia, and Mom's Organic in Jessup.  Roots was definitely cheaper than Whole Foods, which makes a difference because this stuff runs about $6 for a 12-ounce bag.  For the record, Kristi talked up Michele's when I wrote about Greek yogurt last week.


Adam said...

Wow, organic granola and greek yogurt for breakfast! Sounds good, but not all of us have that kinda cash HowChow! At least that's what I'm going to tell myself to justify downing a morning bowl of Cocoa Puffs haha!

Trout said...

Pumpkin spice rules!

Kimi said...

I. LoVE. Michele's Granola. The cafeteria where I work serves it up on their parfaits and it's the best part of my day. YUM.

Carina said...

I love this combo for breakfast too! I get the berry granola from Trader Joe's, and Costco sells plain nonfat Fage Yogurt. The sweetness from the berry granola is enough to counter the tartness of the yogurt. Also, my personal preference is a slightly chewier granola (vs crunch) so I make a bowl the night before, and let it soften overnight.

Kate said...

Yogurt and granola is my favorite breakfast, too. I like to add some local honey and sliced fresh fruit. I pick fruits based on what's in season. I haven't tried Michele's but I've seen it at Mom's, I may pick some up the next time I'm there.

Kristi said...

Michele's Granola is amazing. I've found that My Organic Market has the original for $5.39, at least that was the price a few weeks ago. I just tried the Pumpkin Spice and it's definitely for pumpkin pie fans, but I prefer the Original. It's really fresh, with the perfect hint of sweetness.

There is a list of all of the stores that stock their granola on her website

Our cafe at work switched to Michele's Granola a month ago too and that's how I discovered it. It really is amazingly fresh and delicious!

lucky little bird said...

I just bought some Michele's Granola at the 33rd St/Waverly Farmer's Market in Baltimore(yes, far from HoCo, but I grew up in that neighborhood, and it's my favorite market around). It was $7 a bag there. But I got the chocolate-cherry and it is easily the most delicious granola I've tried.