Monday, August 23, 2010

Link: "Top 10 Places To Eat In Howard County" By Trevor On The HoCo Rising Blog

The HoCo Rising blog has a guest blogger this week, and Trevor came down with a great "Top 10 Places To Eat In Howard County."

Crossroads Pub for crabs and the China Chef for Chinese both new for me.  Many of the other places are among my favorites, especially his top three: Bon Fresco, Sushi King and Maiwand Kabob.  Trevor gives details for each place, including the dishes that he likes the most.  He has been threatening to start a local blog, and I hope that he does.

Click here for my 2009 Best Restaurants or my supplemental 2009 Best Food Experiences.


Trevor said...


Thanks for the link. As I wrote on HoCoRising a few days ago, my interest in both local food and local blogging grew dramatically because of your writing on your blog. I can't stress enough that I appreciate everything you do, and how hard you work at your blog (and I understand now, that blogging really is a lot of work!). Keep up the good work!


Angie said...

I posted to you just recently about Crossroads Pub as well as Sunshine Burgers, Timbuktu for crab cakes and JP Kake Korner for cupcakes and cakes! I love your blog and am really enjoying trying places that I've never tried before.