Thursday, August 12, 2010

Takeout From House of India

House of India goes the extra mile even when they'll packing your food to carry home the last mile home.

I need to think about updating last year's post about the best takeout in Howard County.  An Loi's takeout pho is our "feel better" variation on the classic takeout soup.  But I haven't been back to many of those places recently.

Our current hit has been House of India in Columbia.  The curries are delicious, and they travel perfectly well.  We had chana masala and a kashmiri chicken that goes more sweet with pineapple and raisins than hot peppers.  House of India packages them up with extra case.  The curries were piping when I got home, and they came with enough rice that we'll eat dinner tonight from the same packages.

Our favorite bhel puri didn't seem as crisp as in the restaurant.  I might recommend samosas if you want an appetizer.  But the mango lassi travels fine, and the host gave me pappadum -- the crisp spicy cracker-like appetizer that start a meal at House of India.  We got the two starter sauces as well, one spicy and one sweet.  They're fresh flavors, the type of clear, zesty food that makes me gorge and that makes House of India one of my 2009 best restaurants of Howard County.

If I rewrite the list of best takeout, what should I consider?  We did Bon Fresco a few weeks ago.  We were thinking about Cuban sandwiches from Cuba de Ayer.  Where do you takeout?


Lisa said...

House of India is one of my favorite restaurants, and I frequently order their take out/delivery from Other fave take-outs: Wings To Go, Hunan House in Scaggsville, Kloby's BBQ (love their collard greens).

Pasta Plus, just over the county line in Laurel, has excellent take-out and dine-in. The shopping strip it's in is not impressive, but the dining room is lovely and quiet. I don't bring my kids there because it will ruin my mood. Their food survives the trip home really well, and my personal fave is the Tortellini Aurora.

Anonymous said...

HowChow, you might also like Royal Taj on McGaw. I went to sample their lunch buffet with my co-workers and boss. My boss is of Indian descent and he thought it was pretty good. Make sure you sample their crepes, cooked by the buffet table by one of the staff.

BeerGuy said...

Never tried them for takeout but I really enjoy their mattar paneer -- just a simple creamy sauce mixed with cubed cheese (a little creamy, but firm like a tofu, very mild flavor, absorbs a ton of flavor from the sauce) and peas. Haven't deviated.

Whenever I've been there they've done a brisk takeout business (might explain why its usually sorta empty as far as actual diners, inside).

The takeout counter at Thai Aroma is also usually hopping.