Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reports Of A Fire At Roots Market In Clarksville

Roots Markets in Clarksville apparently had a small fire and will be closed until Wednesday, according to the company's Facebook page.

Not a lot of details.  It was early Sunday, according to gussika.  David Bittner tweeted about an electrical fire in a light fixture with smoke and water damage.  I will update as I hear more.

So many possible jokes about smoked cheeses.  But a fire is tough for any business, and I hope that the Roots folks can get themselves back open as soon as possible.

If you hear anything about when Roots will be closed or open, please comment below and/or email me.  I would love to publicize their situation.  If you're interested in fire departments, check out Doug Walton's unofficial Howard County fire blog or the Statter911 national blog.


Anonymous said...

According to their Facebook page: "Roots Market in Clarksville is closed due to a minor fire. We expect to reopen on Wednesday, but will keep you posted. Please visit our Olney Roots location in the meantime."

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize they were closed and stopped by today to pick up a few items. They have a sign up that they will re-open on Thursday.

They had a lot of repair trucks there and the doors were open. They had no electricity and it looked kind of a mess for a fire that was supposed to be small.