Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Stanford Grill" To Replace Lone Star in Columbia

A new restaurant aimed to compete with Clyde's and Victoria Gastropub will replace the shuttered Lone Star restaurant in Columbia, according to the Tales of Two Cities blog.

The Stanford Grill aims to open in March, and Wordbones describes the plan as a "business casual bar and restaurant similar to Houston's."  That paints a picture for me.  I love the term "business casual bar and restaurant."

The former Lone Star is visible from Rte 175 just west of Snowden, but it sits on Stanford Boulevard.  You reach it from McGaw Road or Dobbin Road.


Morty Abzug said...

Why did Lone Star close? I wonder if the relatively inaccessible location had something to do with it.

HowChow said...

@ Morty -- I'm with you on the location. I wish them all the luck, and you can see the restaurant from Rte 175. But I had to use a map to figure out how to drive there when I wrote the post.

BeerGuy said...

Heh I drive by there every time I head to Frisco Grille but I come from the north where its easier to access heading south from the 100 on Snowden, than exiting the 175.