Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine Cookies at Touche Touchet

It's never too early for love or cookies.

The Touche Touchet bakery in Columbia has charming -- and delicious -- lollipop cookies designed with Valentine's Day in mind.  The shortbread cookies are baked with a stick, then coated with chocolate and a variation of sprinkles, more chocolate or large-crystal sugar.

With a hot chocolate, these are a warming-snack at the bakery on Shaker Drive just off Rte 29.  Bought in pairs or more, they would be a great dessert for a Valentine's Dinner.  Or maybe part of a gift basket.

The $2 cookies are thick shortbread, and the chocolate coating is delicious.  The lollipop sticks are an amusing gimmick, but the quality baking is what really makes Touche Touchet stand out as one of the best bakeries in Howard County.  They have more-complex Valentine's Day specials, including a "jewelry box" cake and a "secret message puzzle" cookie.  Great stuff.

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