Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sugar Cookies at La Espiga De Oro Bakery

A new Latin American bakery has opened in Laurel, and the sugar cookies are a terrific treat if you're cruising along near U.S. 1 and Rte 198.

La Espiga de Oro bakery opened in the same shopping center as the Eastern Bazaar Indian grocery.  The small shop sells many of the lightly-sweet breads that I have tried at Lily's Mexican Market in Columbia.  There are some cupcakes, some cakes, and a small display of what looked like rolls or sandwich breads.  I may come back one night for those rolls for dinner.

But start with the sugar cookies.  Espiga de Oro's cookies are thick and perfectly crisp -- just the right amount of sugar.  For 50 cents, we bought cookies from the main display area that were the size of a large business check.  But there were others that were strikingly large -- looking more like flattened baguettes.  I was smart enough to photograph them, but I should have actually bought two because I want to be eating one right now.

Seriously, these cookies are worth a drive if you are inspired.  They're so large (and delicious) that I'm already imaging how to create some dramatic dessert with a homemade ice cream.

La Espiga de Oro bakery
15101 Baltimore Avenue
Laurel, MD 20707-4652
(301) 317-0006

NEAR: Espiga de Oro and Eastern Bazaar are just east of U.S. 1 near the intersection with Rte 198.  They actually face Rte 198, although you can only reach their shopping center from the north-bound lanes of U.S.1.  From Howard County,  you need to take U.S. 1 south past the Five Guys, then U-turn back onto north-bound U.S. 1 and turn into the last parking lot before the Rte 198 intersection.  Turn left in the shopping center and drive past the Aunt Susan's Jamaican restaurant to reach the other stores.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I drive past the place all of the time and they never looked open, so I just assumed it was one of the places that succumbed to the economy. Now I'll have to make a stop in to check things out!