Monday, January 4, 2010

Stuffed Grape Leaves At Roots

You have probably cooked and eaten more than you actually wanted over the holidays.

If you want simple and smart, pick up the stuffed grape leaves from the refrigerated section of Roots Market in Clarksville. RDA Doc taught me about these. I'm naturally cautious about most prepared foods, especially at the prices at organic markets that compete with Whole Foods. But the Roots stuffed grape leaves are a terrific convenience food -- packets that taste of the grape leaves, rice and mild spices. Fresh, clean flavor. No oiliness. No tinny taste that ruins most canned grape leaves.

Check out Roots for an easy -- although still pricey -- dinner of grape leaves, olives, cheese and bread. Maybe some hummus that you could buy at a cheaper joint. Roots has the best selection of cheese in 
Howard County, and they sell good breads as long as you read the labels to see whether the baguettes and other breads were delivered that day. Check out the refrigerated section for other dips, salads and items that could make your weeknight easier. You can fill a tray -- and several stomachs -- with a few bowls, a plate of stuffed grape leaves, and a chunk of Stilton or some other assertive cheese.

If you're feeling really flush, check out the baklava bites in the open refrigerated case near the cheese. RDA Doc served them, and they're spectacular. A bit much for my everyday dinner, but the closest that I have found here to the Middle Eastern bakery that I left behind in Virginia.

The organic markets like Roots and Mom's Organic Market in Jessup offer up the best version of the Wegman's prepared foods that I dream about. Click here for my take on organic shopping in Howard County.


Trip Klaus said...

Also look for the products from Cava,a Montgomery County and DC restaurant group that produce and sell (among other things) a great harissa and feta spiked with jalapeno. said...

You should be able to find those grape leaves on Roots' salad bar, too.