Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sushi Sono Charts At #40 in Washingtonian

Sushi Sono has hit it big by being named the #40 restaurant in Washington by Washingtonian magazine.

Washingtonian names the Top 100 restaurants in its January edition, and emkenton emailed me to say that Columbia's Sushi Sono was #40 -- "Some of the most creative, exuberant sushi-making in the area emerges from the busy kitchen at this lakefront restaurant."  That has to drive traffic there.

 I don't see a link to the full Top 100, which makes sense because the list is a reason to buy the magazine.  We don't get Washingtonian because, frankly, they never seemed that interested in Howard County.  But we'll get my parents' copy at the next visit.

Sushi Sono makes my post about the best restaurants in Howard County, although not the Top 10 list for 2009.  You know these lists are all arbitrary!


jim said...

They won't put it online for a couple weeks, 2009's list didn't get published online until January 21st.

Here it is for anyone interested in last year's list:

Sana said...

This is great! I live in Howard County too!

BeerGuy said...

I can't remember its name but the dish with the mackarel two styles, one sashimi, one nigiri, with the fish skeleton/head bent into a cool shape is divine. My favorite item on their menu.

kam said...

I don't make it out to Sushi Sono that often (Hanamura and Sushi King are a bit closer) but I have enjoyed it the few times I've been. Would y'all mind making some recommendations for my next trip? BeerGuy's dish sounded intriguing.

Mrs. HowChow said...

I bought the Jan 2010 issue if the Washingtonian magazine and Sushi Sono is the only HoCo restaurant named!

There are a few Silver Spring spots including General Store, Jackie's, Ray's the Classics, and a few good-looking places in nearby Bethesda and Rockville.

We'll definitely go to Sono again, but we also need to use our gift cards soon for Volt (#29) in Frederick and Proof (#27) in the NW which also made the top 100.

HowChow said...

@kam -- Check out my original Sushi Sono post, which is linked above. The Royal Crab and Dragon rolls both get raves. I also like the sono maki.

BeerGuy said...

In a recent checkoutstand Washingtonian I saw their "best pizza" in DC list:

1)3 Amy's
2/3)I forget which order but Pizzeria Paradiso and Matchbox. I definitely vouch for both of those, awesome, creative woodfired type pizzas. They double as nice beer places, particularly Paradiso in Georgetown although Matchbox has about 8-10 really solid taps and a beautiful overall restaurant very accessible right in the commercial area of Chinatown a block or so away from the arena.

Josh Kaufman said...

The golden roll is one of my favorite foods on earth – shrimp tempura surrounded by rice, avocado and eel. The mixture of textures is awesome.

Work in progress said...


If you're into rolls, my favorites are the Bridal veil, Dragon Roll, and Royal Crab Roll.

As far as nigiri, I always recommend the uni at sono. It's the best in the area.

As for their other specials, I like the grilled yellow tail cheek, age tofu (tempura fried tofu in sweet soy), kane kare age (tempura fried soft shell crab), and the aji sashimi (ask them to fry the bones for you after).

Man, I'm hungry.