Monday, January 11, 2010

New Five Guys On Dobbin Road Is Hiring

The second Five Guys in Howard County is hiring and appears to be outfitted except for the tables and chairs, according to a comment by Leasol and to an ad on Craiglist.

The delays at Fatburger in Elkridge taught me to never predict when a restaurant will open, but it sounds like the former Party Party Party store on Dobbin Road will be full of burgers and fries soon.  The first Five Guts at the Columbia Mall seems busy when I walk past, but the ambiance (and the comments) haven't pulled me in for a bite yet.

(Update: The typo above was inadvertent.  But I'm leaving it -- after being alerted by the comment below -- because it makes me laugh.)

(Update: Great wry comment below form Smirkman: "Dobbin Center is the food court of East Columbia.")


jim said...

Looks like a Freudian slip there, though if you do eat at Five Guys too often you will have Five Guts. :)

emkenton said...

I haven't been in that strip in awhile, but it seems like the initial report was that the space would be divided up. Any news on what else might be going in?

kam said...

Space is divided and I think there's still a for lease sign on the side that's not going to be Five Guys.

HowChow said...

@kam -- Thanks. I haven't been by to see what else is going in.

@jjm -- Hilarious. I'm going to leave the typo because it makes me laugh.

Smirkman said...

Dobbin Center is the food court of East Columbia.

Kevicool said...

A sign on the door says that opening day is Monday, February 8th.