Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Comments About Portalli's, Bon Fresco and Honey Pig

Even though 2009 has left us, you can still learn from last year -- or at least from the many people who left their opinion or suggestions as comments on prior posts.

Within days of Chick'n Pollo opening, Penny, Chan, inagada.davita and other had added their reviews to my opening-night observations.  If you're looking for a broader second opinion, you should definitely check out the 100 reviews by Trip Klaus on Urbanspoon. He eats far and wide, but you'll find reviews of many Howard County places that I haven't tried yet like the Pure Wine Cafe.  He also comments on HowChow -- like his recommendation of Cava's harissa and feta at Roots and his observation that Cuba de Ayer and Bistro Blanc seem different enough to warrant different stars from the WPost reviewer.  (Update:  After I drafted this, I saw that Trip Klaus also has an interesting take on restaurant weeks on the Dining & Large blog.)

I'm going to try to use the new HowChow Twitter feed and Facebook page to highlight substantive comments, although I'll keep doing some roundups on the blog:

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emkenton said...

I was in Bon Fresco last night and asked about breakfast, actually! The owner told me that it should be starting up in maybe 10 days or so? (Something about waiting for an employee to come back from vacation.) I absolutely adore the generosity of that man-- I've heard so many stories from friends like "He gave me a free croissant when I was pregnant", etc, and it's just such a wonderful homey place.

I also branched out from my usual sandwich and got the soup-and-salad combo. He let me pick 2 salads AND it came with an entire little loaf of bread!! YUM.