Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wegmans Won't Commit, So I'm Announcing When *I'll* Be Going To The Columbia Wegmans

I want my Wegmans.

Wegmans has a completely reasonable policy to delay store announcements until they're sure of the dates.  But I have a completely unreasonable desire to shop in a Wegmans.

Therefore, I announce today that I will be outside the Wegmans in Columbia on Valentine's Day 2011.

I'm not saying Wegmans will be open that day.  In fact, Wegmans list of future openings has listed two 2010 openings for so many months that early 2011 is probably a dream.  But I have been waiting since 2007, when my neighbor who worked for Wegmans said the Columbia store might not open until (gasp!) 2009.

I tried a thoughtful post about why I want Wegmans.  I created a one-button link for all the news about the Columbia Wegmans.  Now, I'm laying down the line.  Their motto is to "help me make great meals easy?"  I'm thinking about a great meat for Valentine's Day 2011, so I'll be at the Columbia Wegmans at 9 am that morning -- either with bags to shop or my cordless drill to help finish construction.  Either way, I'm coming!  (How about them apples?)

(Update: Wegmans folks have talked about opening the Columbia store as early as October 2010, but more realistically in the first quarter of 2011.)

I'm adding a widget. Sorry about the ad.  The widget company puts an ad on the free version.  I'm saving my money to spend at Wegmans. I'll change the countdown clock as we learn more.


emkenton said...

I am so there. While it makes me happy that there's a big pile of dirt on the site and even a "Wegmans Construction" sign, it still breaks my heart a little bit when people ask me when it's supposed to open. And then I get depressed all over again when the Menu magazine arrives in the mail and I can't run right out and buy all the great new products.


Look forward to meeting you on Feb 14, 2011! I'll be the one wearing a "Wegmans is the Place Where Dreams Come True" shirt.

(Actually, it's time for their annual Cherry-Chocolate Bread...might have to plan a trip to Hunt Valley here pretty soon.)

Zarf said...

I'll just say "Ditto" on all counts for the Wegmans that should eventually open in Crofton!!

Anonymous said...

At this rate, Bristol Farms will have reached the East Coast from Southern California, and we won't need a Wegmans.

Anonymous said...

feel free to come on down to the landover wegmans, opening october 2010!

a PG county resident (formerly of howard county)

Anonymous said...

I'll be there with you to either shop or help build it!

HowChow said...

@Anon in PG -- October 2010. That would be a dream. You're so lucky.

Alex said...

Count me in. As a frequent visitor to the Finger Lakes region, I miss Weggies.

Wegmaniac said...

Shopping Wegman's is so much more exciting than shopping at any other food stores. Give me Wegman's or Give me grocery mediocrity. Maybe it is true that believing is seeing & if you believe it will be open 2/2011, we'll see it happen. Keep believing. I'm believing with ya.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there,,, Valentines Day for my lady,, where I can get her that favorite sub of hers, Wegmans Turkey & cheese.
Meet U upstairs!!!


Anonymous said...

Here's the latest I received after submitting an email directly to Wegmans, nothing surprising:

Dear John,

Thanks for your email.

We do not yet have an opening date for the Columbia, MD store. It doesn't look like this store will open before 2011. We must first obtain site plan approval and that has not been accomplished as of yet however, we are optimistic.

Please stay tuned and check back on our website for update at:

Thanks again for writing and for your interest in Wegmans.

Consumer Services Specialist