Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jamaican Beef Patties at Golden Krust

There is an interesting problem when you try to write about a food that you don't really know how to cook.

Jamaican beef patties.  I discovered them at the Golden Krust bakery in Catonsville, and I thought they were pretty good.  It's cheap snack food -- a dry crust wrapped around a meat filling.  I liked the beef more than the chicken version, and since I have never had them before, I was sort of struck by the dry, unusual crust.

So was Kevin of the Kevin & Ann Eat Everything blog -- who clearly knows that the crust shouldn't be that dry.  He excoriated Golden Krust in a review that I found earlier this month when I was thinking about this post:  "gum shredding shards" and a "crust that wasn't even that golden."  These haven't been a common snack, mostly because Golden Krust is in the shopping center with the H Mart where I often find something that I want to eat.  But now, I wonder if I need to go sample beef patties elsewhere before I go back here.


Stephanie T said...

While not quite in Howard County, there is a little joint in Odenton (called, creatively enough, Caribbean & Soul Food Carry Out) whose beef patties are fantastic. I tried the Golden Krust patties, was happy but unimpressed, then tried the Caribbean/Soul Food patties about a week later. The filling was dense, but not overbearing; the crust was tender, yet sturdy enough to hold in the filling. The flavor was phenomenal. If you happen to venture out that far (it's worth it!), it's on the east side of of Annapolis Road (route 175) about half a mile north of the route 32 junction.

Steve said...

If you want outstanding patties with a homemade crust, go to the shopping center on 197, almost at Mallard Drive, close to the entrance to BW Parkway. Their spinach ones are to die for, and are not on the menu, but they usually have them during the day.
Heather and her sisters run the place, and will take special orders. The name of the place is Caribbean......., the rest escapes me. Beef patties are good too, but spinach is my favorite.

Shawna C. said...

golden crust beef patties are the nastiest beef patty I have ever had, the filling was not dense at all, it was like eating gravy with a few specks of beef, OMG NASTY, will not eat another golden crust beef patty again!

Stretch said...

I believe Steve is referring to Island Flavors ( ) in the Crystal Plaza shopping center on 197 opposite Muirkirk Dr. I can't vouch for the food, I had just eaten shortly before spotting the place last time down there. As for Golden Krust, they're OK, at best. If ever in the Bronx, check out fresh patties from one of the Jamaican bakeries on White Plains Ave.

Anonymous said...

The best patties are in new orleans at any cornerstore and very cheap