Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buffalo Wild Wings Coming To Dobbin Road?

Buffalo Wild Wings is negotiating to take over the former Rocky Run restaurant on Dobbin Road in Columbia, according to the Tales of Two Cities blog.

Wordbones knows the local commercial scene, although he makes the self-depricating comment that his source is the same person who predicted that Potbelly would replace the Atlanta Bread Company.


Alex said...

Having a B-Dubs in Columbia would be excellent. Lots of tasty sauces.

Jen Blacker said...

I miss Rocky Run and their wings/huge appetizers. I hope this goes through, Columbia is lacking in good wings.

BeerGuy said...

Columbia has GREAT wings at Frisco Grille!

They're not the classic buffalo sauce but rather this tangy, sweet, BBQ-ish concoction, there's a real elaborate process to making them (ask Adam the owner).

Really meaty too.

Definitely should check them out sometime, I think once places like Baltimore Mag or The Sun discover the wings (and some other items there) there they'll start getting huge writeups, for now they're a hidden gem.

brandon said...

If you like spicy wings, Chick N' Friends has great buffalo wings. They're very good chicken and the sauce has a great flavor, the only problem is that they only come in one level of hotness and it's about half a step too spicy for me. If you like spicy though, they are the best wings I've had in the area.