Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Honey Pig Korean BBQ Coming to Ellicott City

Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean BBQ is bringing its Korean barbeque from Annandale to Ellicott City, according to an anonymous comment from yesterday and some Howard County building permits.

Does anyone know the time table to open?  The work isn't complete on electrical and plumbing permits issued in December 2009.  Honey Pig drew its first permit in August 2009, but they were still passing plumbing inspections yesterday.  (They got a 1,000 gallon grease trap.  Is that something that I want to know?)

Anyone have thoughts about how Honey Pig will compare to the Ellicott City establishment like Shin Chon Garden or Bethany Seafood House?  The Annandale location is a 24-hour joint that was very hot for a while after it opened.  The Washington Post review highlights the food and says that its cheaper than other BBQ restaurants and dominated by a young crowd.  There are comments on Chowhound and Don Rockwell.  You should also check out Arthur K who writes good reviews on Yelp, where there are dozens of opinions.  Lot of talk about Honey Pig looking like Seoul.

Thanks so much for the tips.  Check out my post about the other new restaurants in Howard County.  If you want Korean food before Honey Pig opens, definitely check out Shin Chon Garden or all of my posts about Korean food in Howard County.

Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean BBQ
10045 Baltimore National Pike (Rte 40)
Ellicott City, MD 21041

NEAR:  Honey Pig is going into the shopping center behind the Double T diner.  From east-bound Rte 40, you turn right at the red sign for Quest Fitness and drive up hill.  This is west of Rte 29 near the Soft Stuff ice cream stand and the Enchanted Forest shopping center.


EastCoastMatt said...


Honey pic is definitely a "young" place and very different from shinchon type place. it's modeled after the younger places in korea. loud music. industrial decor. cheap food and lots of it.

they have the table bbq things, and they bring over a huge stoneware flat dish (angled to drain fat), and pile it on with the meat. enjoy with the lettuce/greens/garlic/sauce and then at the end, pour on the rice and have a sort of bi-bim bop that everyone shares from the middle.

good stuffs :-)

CK1 said...

Love this place. Can't wait to go there with my hubby.

Work in progress said...

I've been to a honey pig in LA, but not the one in Annandale. I think the one opening in EC is related to the one in VA, but I'm not sure if they're one and the same as the one in LA. Anyone have any insight on that?

Anyhow, the type of Korean BBQ that you'll be looking to try here is Sampgyupsal. Slices of grilled pork belly. The honey pig that I went to in LA had a HUGE grill top (think spartan shields in the movie 300) in the shape of a turtle's shell complete with turtle head! From my own impressions, samgyupsal is the more popular korean bbq in Korea due to cost considerations and the scientific fact that pork bellies are super delicious.

BeerGuy said...

I'd be shocked if this one is 24 hours, HoCo is just not conducive to 24 hour businesses especially that far down the 40 and behind two diners that in *theory* should be open 24 hours themselves but aren't.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was EC law that nothing can be open past 7:30pm.


Anonymous said...


The HoneyPig is, in fact, open 24 hours a day.