Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Link: T-Bonz on the Baltimore Beer Guy

T-Bonz Grille & Pub in Ellicott City gets a thumbs up from the Baltimore Beer Guy blog in the middle of his January roundup of beer events.

The BBG blog is the place if you're looking for local craft beers and seasonal brews.  The BBG says T-Bonz is a place to go if you're looking to actually drink something interesting:
I only discovered they were a beer place by stopping by for the food. Lo and behold its actually a legit craft beer bar as well, with around 10 taps and an interesting collection of bottles and seasonal themed offerings. Nobody talks about them but seriously they're probably the best (craft beer) thing going in Howard County after the Holy Trinity that is Frisco Grille/The Judges Bench/Victoria Gastro Pub.


BeerGuy said...

Thank you sir, once again, for the plug :)

I completely neglected to email you my food thoughts on T-Bonz, d'oh.

I'm crazy about the ribs, haven't tried much else yet but their Tuesday rib deal is tremendous, a full rack plus two sides and a side salad for I think $15. They have this sort of honey/bbq glaze on them that is delicious, if you ask for an extra side of the sauce its a little different flavor than the glaze oddly, but the ribs are just fall off the bone goodness nearly every time.

Anonymous said...

tbonz ROCKS howard county and they have 12 taps and soon to have 16 taps and offer 22 bottles as they have 18 I believe now! The food is all good as you mention ribs, thay r the best I ever had including the prime rib and burgers WOW!