Thursday, September 23, 2010

Richard Gorelick To Become Sun Restaurant Critic

The Sun has promoted Richard Gorelick to become its new restaurant critic, replacing Elizabeth Large who retired earlier this year.

Gorelick has reviewed in Baltimore since 2002 -- first for the City Paper and then for the past two years as a freelancer for the Sun.  He starts Monday, and he will take over the Dining at Large blog as well.

The Sun's article talks about Gorelick's freelance writing, but it strangely omits the fact that he also had been working with neuroscientists.  Gorelick first crossed paths with the HowChows because he was working with Barry Gordon's cognitive neurology / neuropsychology group.  I can only assume that restaurant critic is such a serious job that no one wants to admit Gorelick was dabbling in some second-rate subject like medical research at Hopkins.

Tamar Fleischman in the Examiner says Gorelick is breaking with the anonymous critic tradition.  She says lots of people know Gorelick and that he looks like an iconic rock star.  So keep an eye out.


Barbi said...

Heads-up foodies....Groupon is offering $20 to MangoGrove off Dobbin for only $10 today. Enjoy!

Gorelick said...

the Hopkins work, because of its similarity to the plotline of Coma, is very contoversial.

HowChow said...

@Gorelick -

Congrats on the new gig. But you know that neurology is still a step above food writing in our house.

Lee Biars said...

I've found his reviews to be spot on for the places I've tried, especially Portalli's..... OK, that was a shameless plug and I should be flogged.

But seriously, congrats Richard. It's about time.