Monday, September 20, 2010

Deep Frozen Cocktail Samosas At Indian Markets

Your real fear at an Indian restaurant is that they'll think you don't like spicy food and just omit the spices that bring all the flavor.

Take samosas, for example.  Bad fillings make samosas as useless as a cheap egg roll.  But aimed at an authentic market, Indian food brings spice in a complex way -- more than the simple heat of a hot pepper, it's a spice mix that may warm your mouth but zings instead of just stinging.

The Deep brand samosas bring that authentic favor right to your freezer. These are convenience food.  Three bucks for 50 bite-sized samosas that give you the healthy taste of lentils and the healthy spice aimed at people who know Indian food.  They're really delicious, and they hold their own with most frozen food -- although they're not going to beat takeout from House of India.  I ate them as weeknight dinners.  You could easily serve them up as party appetizers.

Don't deep fry them.  You can put a film of oil in a frying pan and saute the frozen samosas until they're crisp on the outside and heated all the way through.

I bought the Deep samosas at Columbia Halal Meat, a nice Pakistani market on Rte 108 near the Costco in Elkridge.  I think that I have seen the brand -- and assume they have the samosas -- at other Indian markets, including Eastern Bazar or Apna Bazar in Laurel or Food Cravings or Desi Bazaar in Columbia.


John said...

I've seen bags of frozen samosas before, in many South Asian groceries. It's awesome how much you can find in the freezer section there!

dzoey said...

I completely agree. I prepared a bag of the frozen samosas for a pot-luck dinner and they were the first things that disappeared. And this was with a fairly unadventurous group!